Tim Swindle (1955-) is a Fellow of the Meteoritical Society, and at various times served on the Meteoritical Society Council, as Treasurer of the Society, on the Endowment and Awards committees, and as co-organizer of the 2007 meeting. He received his PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, then became a faculty member at the University of Arizona, where he served as Director of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (2012-2021), Director of the Arizona Space Grant Consortium (2012-), and founding Director of the University of Arizona Space Institute (2020-2023).

His scientific work includes using Ar-Ar dating to study the collisional history of the Solar System, including the asteroid belt, and studying the Martian atmospheric noble gases trapped in EETA 79001 and other Martian meteorites. He values the international reach of the Meteoritical Society and the meteorite community, having traveled to Society meetings on six continents, and having spent four seasons searching for meteorites on the seventh continent as a member of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites.

He established the TIM Fund (Travel for International Members), which supports travel to the Society's Annual Meeting by scientists who are Society members from countries with limited financial resources.