The Meteoritical Society produces several regular and high profile publications.

Meteoritics and Planetary Science

Meteoritics and Planetary Science (MAPS) is the journal of the Meteoritical Society and one of the leading planetary science journals in the world. MAPS provides a central forum for research in planetary science. The journal is published monthly and is available in hard copy and electronic format. The journal website carries an extensive range of user services. The online version of the journal is available to members through the membership services page (username and password required)

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Jointly sponsored by the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical Society, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (GCA) is a leading journal in geochemistry and cosmochemistry. 

The Meteoritical Bulletin

The Meteoritical Bulletin is the primary and official source for information about new meteorites. And, the Meteorite Bulletin Database is a searchable electronic resource that contains information about all known meteorites.


The Meteoritical Society is one of 18 societies that jointly publish the journal Elements, which appears six times a year. Members receive printed copies of Elements as part of their membership package and have electronic access to published articles with the username and password used to access MAPS.

Yearly Meteoritical Society Newsletter

The yearly Newsletter was produced up through 2020 and reported the business of the Society conducted during the previous year. It featured reports from Society officers and journals. It also carried details about Society committees, awards and meetings. It was published annually up to 2020 as a supplement to Meteoritics and Planetary Science and is available in PDF format.

Starting in 2021, yearly reports were only compiled from the reports published in Elements to summarize the yearly activities. These yearly compilations are also available in PDF format, dating back to when the Meteoritical Society joined Elements, in 2010.

Monthly Meteoritical Society Newsletter

Starting in 2023, a monthly newsletter was initiated for members. The monthly newsletter is sent to active society members by email and posted to the Meteoritical Society website as a news post. An archive of monthly newsletters is available off the news page. Submissions from society members for announcements to be included in the newsletter are accepted. See these guidelines and directions for newsletter submissions.