The Meteoritical Society is governed by an elected Council of Officers and Councilors chosen from its 1000 members in 52 nations; it does not maintain a headquarters or staff. The Society's activities are administered through Committees that report to the Council.

The Society's elected Officers and Councilors
The editors of the Society's publications and website
The committee addresses ethics complaints brought to the attention of the society, following the process laid out in the Code of Ethics.
Recommends candidates for the Leonard Medal, Nier Prize, and election of Fellows
Recommendations for the annual award for outstanding work in the field of impact cratering
Oversight for the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science
Oversight for the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Members serve as the trustees for the Society's investment fund
Produces an audit of the Treasurer's annual report for each fiscal year
Guidelines for naming meteorites; publication of Meteoritical Bulletin
Selection of candidates for the Pellas-Ryder Award
Nomination of the Society's Officers and Councilors
Recruit and retain members; recommends Service Award recipients
Recommends candidate for best student presentation at annual meeting
Recommends outstanding mid-career female isotope geochemists for the Jessberger Award
Responsible for a database of terrestrial impact craters and evaluating new submissions for approval
A committee to increase the society's public-facing communication efforts