This committee is responsible for establishing guidelines for the naming of new meteorites and for overseeing the publication of the Meteoritical Bulletin in Meteoritics and Planetary Science (MAPS). Nine to twelve members are appointed to 3-year terms.

Current members

  • Francis McCubbin (Chair) (3rd term) 2024
  • Katherine Joy (1st term) 2024
  • Bingkui Miao (2nd term) 2024
  • Camille Cartier (1st term) 2025
  • Bidong Zhang (1st term) 2025
  • Devin Schrader (Deputy Editor) (2nd term) 2025
  • Cyrena Goodrich (2nd term) 2026
  • Ansgar Greshake (2nd term) 2026
  • Juliane Gross (2nd term) 2026

Ex officio members

Vice-President of the Society (Guy Consolmagno, 2024) and the Editors of the Meteoritical Bulletin (Jérôme Gattacceca, 2026 – second term) and the Meteoritical Bulletin Database (Jeff Grossman, 2025 –  fourth term).