Upcoming Meetings

  • 2020 (83rd Annual Meeting) Glasgow, UK: due to the Covid-19 pandemic this meeting was rescheduled for 2022 in Glasgow. There will be no 2020 meeting.
  • 2021 (84th Annual Meeting) August 14-21, Chicago, USA.
  • 2022 (85th Annual Meeting) August TBD, Glasgow, UK.
  • 2023 (86th Annual Meeting) July 3-8, Perth, Australia.
  • 2024 (87th Annual Meeting) July/August, Brussels, Belgium (EU).

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Barringer Lectures at the Meteoritical Society Meetings

  • 2019 Kazuyuki Shiraishi The Search for Antarctic Meteorites: Fifty Years from the Discovery of the Yamato Meteorites
  • 2018 Guy Consolmagno SJ Philosophy of Meteorites: Awe, Faith and Data
  • 2017 Harrison Hagan Schmitt Return To the Moon
  • 2016 Mark McCaughrean Rosetta: To Catch a Comet
  • 2014 Philippe Taquet Meteorites and Dinosaurs
  • 2013 Peter Brown Fireballs Producing Meteorites: from Tagish Lake to Chelyabinsk
  • 2012 Stuart Ross Taylor Origin of Planetary Systems
  • 2011 Martin Rees Big Bang to Biosphere
  • 2010 Sean C. Solomon Exploring Mercury with the MESSENGER Spacecraft
  • 2009 Jean Cave She called me "My Martian"
  • 2008 Manabu Kato Kaguya Mission Challenges to Origin and Evolution of the Moon
  • 2007 Peter Smith The Phoenix Mission Explores the Martian Arctic
  • 2006 Michel Mayor From Gaseous Giants to Rocky Planets
  • 2005 Jeff Hester Understanding Our Origins: Formation of Sun-like Stars in HII Region Environments
  • 2004 A. P. Guimarães Magnetism in the Universe
  • 2003 Rainer Albertz The Weal and Woe of Civilization: A Modern Message of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures
  • 2002 Michael C. Malin Highlights from the Mars Global Survey Orbital Camera
  • 2001 Dava Sobel Galileos Daughter
  • 2000 Torrence Johnson The Moons of Jupiter: Discovered by Galileo, the Man - Explored by Galileo, the Spacecraft
  • 1999 Clark Chapman The NEAR Mission: Insights about Asteroidal Cratering