Among online resources about meteorites and the solar system, we are pleased to acknowledge those with which we are affiliated, and links to other Education and Space resources.

Meteoritical Society Affiliations


The Meteoritical Society partners with Wiley and its Wiley-Blackwell division to publish Meteoritics & Planetary Science, as a printed journal and online at the Wiley Online Library. Members can access their online subscriptions through our Member Services site, where they also can obtain discounts on the purchase of other Wiley publications.

The Barringer Crater Company

As a generous contributor to the Meteoritical Society for many years, The Barringer Crater Company provides grants to promote student participation at our scientific meetings. In addition, the company sponsors the Barringer Medal and Award program, administered by the Meteoritical Society, which recognizes outstanding work in the field of impact cratering and/or work that has led to a better understanding of impact phenomena.

Geochemical Society

The Meteoritical Society and the Geochemical Society co-sponsor the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Geological Society of America

The Meteoritical Society and the Planetary Science Division of the Geological Society of America jointly award the Pellas-Ryder Award for best student paper in Planetary Science.

Lunar and Planetary Institute

The Lunar and Planetary Institute, which hosts the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, kindly provides the Meteoritical Society with assistance in electronic submission of abstracts for its annual meetings.

International Union of Geological Sciences

The Meteoritical Society is affiliated with the IUGS.

Other Scientific Societies

Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society

Planetary Sciences division of the American Geophysical Union

Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America

International Astronomical Union Commission on meteors and interplanetary dust

Other Organizations

U.S.A. National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA)

European Space Agency (ESA)

Earthworks jobs in Astronomy, Space & Planetary Sciences

International Meteorite Collectors Association