The Impact Cratering Committee, established in 2023, shall be responsible for approving and maintaining a database of terrestrial impact craters, defining criteria for the identification of impact craters/structures and evaluating new submissions for approval. Eight members are appointed by the President in consultation with the Chair of the Committee, plus two ex officio members, who shall have full voting privileges. Members serve three-year terms, and may be re-appointed without limit. Each year the terms of three members shall expire. Selection of the Chair will be made by the President.

  • Aaron Cavosie 2025 - Chair
  • Sanna Alwmark 2023
  • Thomas Kenkmann 2023
  • Natalia Hauser 2024
  • Christian Koeberl 2024
  • Gordon Osinski 2024
  • David Baratoux 2025
  • Anne-Marie Pickersgill 2025

Ex officio members: Guy Consolmagno (Vice-President) and Ludovic Ferriere (Database-Editor, 2026)