The Jessberger Award Committee recommends to the Council candidates for the Jessberger Award.

Jessberger Award: outstanding contributions by a mid-career, female isotope cosmochemist

The Committee shall consist of a chair, a vice-chair, and at least three other members. The chair is appointed by the president. The chair selects the other members of the Committee with approval of the president.  There should be at least one, and preferably two, members with specific expertise in the field of isotope cosmochemistry. At least one of the members shall also be a member of the Leonard Medal Committee. One member will rotate off every two years, beginning in 2023.

Committee Members

  • Mario Trieloff (chair) 2023 (
  • Noriko Kita 2025 (vice chair)
  • Zita Martins 2023 (Leonard Medal Committee liaison)
  • Sara Russell 2025
  • Thomas Stephan 2027

Incoming Committee Members for 2024

  • Thomas Stephan (chair) 2027 (
  • Monica Grady 2029
  • Larry Nittler 2026 (Leonard Medal Committee liaison)

Previous Awardees: Jessberger Award Winners