February 4, 2021
Frontiers in Mars Sample Chronology
March 24-25, 2021
Determining the absolute ages of Mars samples is a key objective for current and future Mars exploration. Recent work on martian meteorites has pushed the analytical envelope in Mars sample geochronology; this work informs future plans for the geochronology of samples returned to Earth through Mars Sample Return, an effort that starts with the collection and caching of samples by the NASA Mars 2020 Mission. The goal of this workshop is to review recent results; identify and elaborate on the frontiers in spatial and isotopic resolution, and minimum sample mass; and consider advances that will be required to optimize the geochronology of future samples of Mars.
Registration is free, but pre-registration is required. Abstract deadline is 5th March. 
We hope you can join us!
James Darling, University of Portsmouth
Christopher Herd, University of Alberta

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