September 5, 2021

Prof. Kevin D. McKeegan, Dept. of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, University of California Los Angeles has been named the 2022 Leonard Medalist of the Meteoritical Society. The announcement was made at the 84th Meteoritical Society Meeting held in Chicago, during its Business Meeting, August 18, 2021. McKeegan is recognized for his contributions to the microanalysis of isotopes including the discovery of deuterium enrichments in interplanetary dust particles (IDPs), oxygen isotopes in the sources of Ca-, Al-rich inclusions (CAIs), discovery of extinct Be-10 in CAIs implying particle irradiation in the solar system, the oxygen isotope composition of the first CAI fragment from Comet Wild 2, and the measurement of the oxygen isotope composition of the Sun from the NASA Genesis Mission obtained by developing the new MegaSIMS instrument.

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