September 2, 2021

The call for sessions and workshops for Goldschmidt 2022 in Hawaii ( ) is now open.

We invite the community to consider submitting a session 1 under Theme 1 Solar Systems and Planets: The goal of this theme is to bring together cosmochemistry, geodynamical, and astronomical contributions about how the bodies in our Solar System and in exoplanetary systems formed and evolved through time. Topics of interest include pre-solar chemistry, protoplanetary disks and the origins of chondrules, planetary accretion and planetesimal growth, planetary collisions and volatile transfer, planetary differentiation (including the Earth) and planetary crust formation, late accretion and impacts, and magmatic processes. We seek sessions that bring together different methodologies, including analysis of extraterrestrial materials, experiments and numerical modelling, and results from planetary missions.

Your sessions should have a broad reach and aim to attract at least 25-30 abstract submissions. For any questions regarding the suitability of your proposed session, please contact the appropriate theme chairs.  

To submit your session by the 30th September 2021 please see

Dates & Deadlines
10 August 2021          Call for session and workshop proposals opens
30 September 2021     Call for session and workshop proposals closes
10 December 2021      Abstract submission, Grant and Student Helper application open
15 February 2022        Grant application deadline
1 March 2022              Abstract submission deadline
10-15 July 2022          Goldschmidt2022


The Theme 1 Chairs 
Vinciane Debaille
Yurimoto Hisayoshi
Katherine Joy

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