March 31, 2024 Nancy Chabot

Based on a Report submitted to the Endowment Committee by: Amy Riches

The highly-successful hybrid-format Inaugural Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds Meeting, co-sponsored by the Meteoritical Society through an Endowment Grant , took place on 7th to 13th November 2022 in the picturesque city of Edinburgh. The meeting was honoured to be opened by Ian Murray MP, Shadow Cabinet Secretary of State for Scotland.

In keeping with Scotland’s community directions and the dynamic interdisciplinary environment it offers, this event complemented other uplifting cross-sector initiatives to drive progress, further relationships, and build capacity in planetary geological science as connects with wider themes. The Inaugural Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds Meeting addressed two main themes:

  1. The origin of habitable bodies in and beyond our Solar System
  2. Space exploration and its governance: priorities, visions, concerns, and ambitions

This meeting exceeded expectations, attracting over 150 delegates from 26 countries, where many in their early careers disseminated their work and benefited from networking opportunities. In excess of 70 high quality presentations across a range of topics in planetary science, space exploration, and the social dimensions of space were accommodated.

Prize winners and other aspects are showcased in the full-length meeting report. The conference abstract volume is archived open-access too for ease and to ensure long-term accessibility for the community.

This international conference was spearheaded by Dr. Amy Riches, as Chair. All are deeply grateful to the dedicated and exceptional interdisciplinary steering committee of global spread.


Photo Caption: In person participants at the main event on the final day. Credit: Amy Riches

Image of meeting participants