Bylaws concerning the Barringer Award

Rules governing operation and nominations of the Committee

  1. Eligibility: Any living scientist is eligible for the Medal, including both Members and Non-members of the Society. Under exceptional circumstances, the award may be presented to at most three scientists that meet certain criteria, specified below. Members of the Barringer Medal Selection Committee and the Council are ineligible for consideration for the Medal during their terms of office. Nominations pending or received during their tenure will be kept by the Secretary in suspended status, and will be reactivated only after the nominee has regained eligibility.
  2. Nominations: Members of the Society are urged to make nominations, since the presentation of the Medal is an important Society function that requires the active participation of the membership. Nominations may be made by any member of the Society in good standing or by any scientist working in the field of Planetary Sciences. A person may not make more than one nomination in a one year period of time. Nomination of a small group may occur in two cases: a) scientists are nominated as a group for work done jointly as long term collaborators; b) members of the group have been nominated as individuals, but the Selection Committee declares unanimously that the nominees made their best studies together and awarding the group appears more logical. Nominations must be made in writing and submitted in the appropriate format (see below) to the Chair of the Medal Committee and Meteoritical Society Secretary ( on or before February 15 of the year before the Medal is to be presented. Members of the Barringer Medal Committee may not make or second nominations during their period of service on the Committee.
  3. Format of Nominations: The nomination should include: (a) a biographical sketch of the candidate(s); (b) a summary and evaluation of the accomplishments of the candidate (or group of candidates) and the importance of their work; and (c) a list of publications covering the work to be considered for the award. The Nominator should also provide, or arrange to have provided, to the Chair, three seconding letters which support the nomination and which may provide additional information. Seconding letters may be provided either by Members of the Society or by appropriate knowledgeable outside scientists.
  4. Duration of Nominations: Nominations will be kept active, and will be reconsidered annually by the Committee, for four years after submission. During this period, the original Nominator may provide to the Chair supplementary material reflecting new developments (e.g., new research results or publications), which will be considered with the original nomination. After this four-year period, a completely new Nomination will be required, and the original Nominator will be so informed by the Chair of the Committee.
  5. Group nominations: When more than one individual is nominated to receive the Barringer Award for a given year, all individuals so recognized will receive the same certificate and same amount of award that would be given to an individual winner. Further, when a multiple award is issued in a given year that will not affect presentation of the award in the following year. No individual should be awarded the Barringer twice in their lifetime, whether individually or as part of a team award.


As soon as the committee has presented its candidate for the Medal to the Council, the Chair of the Barringer Medal Selection Committee in consultation with the other members shall provide to the President a list of no fewer than four names of Society members who are recommended to fill the upcoming vacancy on the Committee. The materials shall include each person's contact information and a brief statement of their qualifications to serve on the Barringer Medal Selection Committee.