Bylaw concerning McKay Award

Rules for Wiley Awards

  1. The Wiley Awards are given to students who give top oral presentations at the annual meeting of the society. The Wiley Awards are sponsored by Wiley, the publisher of Meteoritics and Planetary Science.
  2. Up to 5 students may receive Wiley Awards in a given year. The recipients must be full-time students, members of the society, and must not have won a Wiley Award before. Students may not win the McKay Award and a Wiley Award in the same year but can win each award in different years.
  3. The McKay Award selection committee shall also serve as the committee to recommend candidates for the Wiley Awards. The selection committee shall recommend up to five candidates to council at the same time that they present their McKay Award recommendation. Final selection shall be made by council, requiring a two-thirds vote of all members that are eligible to vote.


(Rules for Wiley Awards approved by Council: Oct 10, 2023)