August 7, 2023 Nancy Chabot

The Meteoritical Society is delighted to be honoring some of our distinguished members with the society's annual awards. An Awards Ceremony will be held on August 16 during the annual meeting being held at UCLA. Citations have been published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science and are linked below. The Awards Ceremony will also recognize the previously announced awardees of the 2023 Pellas-Ryder Award and the 2022 McKay and Wiley Awards. Congratulations to the highly deserving awardees, and thank you to all our members who took the time to nominate our colleagues for consideration and who serve on award committees.

Leonard Medal Recipient: Andrew M. Davis

The Leonard Medal is given to individuals who have made outstanding original contributions to the science of meteoritics or closely allied fields. The Meteoritical Society presents the 2023 Leonard Medal to Andrew M. Davis for his profound contributions to deciphering early solar system processes by improving the chronology, constraining the differentiation of planetesimals, exploring diffusion and condensation/evaporation processes, and revealing stellar nucleosynthetic pathways; and for advancing the chemical and isotopic microanalysis of meteoritic materials. Full citation:

Barringer Medal Recipient: Birger Schmitz

The Barringer Medal is given for outstanding work in the field of impact cratering and/or work that has led to a better understanding of impact phenomena. The Meteoritical Society presents the 2023 Barringer Medal to Birger Schmitz for his groundbreaking use of micrometeorites in the sedimentary record to discern the history of impact processes; and to understanding the effects of impact bombardments on Earth's systems. Full citation:

Nier Prize Recipient: Jessica Barnes

The Nier Prize is given for significant research in the field of meteoritics and closely related fields by an early career scientist under the age of 35 or whose PhD was awarded <7 years ago. The Meteoritical Society presents the 2023 Alfred O. Nier Prize for a distinguished young scientist to Jessica Barnes for her contributions to volatiles in astromaterials and their use in advancing understanding of the inventory, origin, and evolution of volatiles in the inner solar system; and for developing advanced NanoSIMS methods for analysis. Full citation:

Service Award Recipient: Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane

The Service Award honors members who have advanced the goals of the Society to promote research and education in meteoritics and planetary science in ways other than by conducting scientific research. The Meteoritical Society presents the 2023 Service Award to Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane for her initiatives in support and promotion of meteoritics and planetary science in African and Arabic countries; for her untiring mentoring of students; and for her service to the Meteoritical Society, scientific community, and public outreach efforts. Full citation:

Jessberger Award Recipient: Jamie E. Elsila

The Jessberger Award is given for outstanding research in the field of isotope cosmochemistry by a female scientist in the middle of her career who has received her doctorate at least 10 years and not more than 20 years before. The Meteoritical Society presents the 2023 Elmar K. Jessberger Award to Jamie E. Elsila for her influential role and strong leadership in isotope cosmochemistry; and for determining compound-stable isotopes of organic compounds in meteorites and lunar rocks. Full citation: