January 30, 2023 Nancy Chabot

Each year at the annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society, a few of the top oral presentations by student members are selected for awards. We are pleased to announce the awardees for the 2022 meeting.

The McKay Award honors the memory of Gordon A. McKay. It was endowed in 2008 thanks to the generous donations of the McKay family and many society members. The 2022 McKay Award is given to:

  • Kaitlyn McCain, UCLA, Early Fluid Activity on the Ryugu Parent Asteroid Inferred from 53Mn-53Cr Ages of Ryugu Carbonate

The Wiley Awards have been given since 2012 and are sponsored by Wiley, the publisher of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. The five Wiley Award recipients for 2022 are:

  • Ishita Pal, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, P-Nuclide Enrichments in Presolar Graphite Grains
  • Randolph Röhlen, Museum fur Naturkunde Berlin, Core or Mantle? Breakup of Asteroid Cores During Impact in the Late Accretion Phase
  • Daniel Sheikh, Portland State University, Dunite Clast in Lunar Meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 14900: Mantle Derived?
  • Haoxuan Sun, Institut de Physique de Globe de Paris, Triple Silicon Isotopic Fractionation Between Silicates and Metal in Enstatite Chondrites
  • Zoe Wilbur, University of Arizona, Volcanic Histories of Lunar Basalts Revealed Via 3D Visualization

Congratulations to the awardees for outstanding presentations! Additionally, thank you to the 53 individuals who served as judges for the 2022 meeting, and to Romy Hanna for chairing the committee and Lydia Hallis for serving as vice-chair. We all appreciate that we are able to celebrate the scientific contributions of our student members through these awards associated with our annual meeting.

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