December 16, 2020

EGU 2021 PS1.1

Earths around other stars – bulk, interiors and atmospheres

Co-organized by GD9/ST3

Keynote speaker: Joshua Krissansen-Totton

Convener: Haiyang Wang | Co-conveners: Dan J. Bower, Caroline Dorn, Alison Hunt

Abstract submission (deadline: 13 Jan 2021, 13:00 CET):


Interactions between the interior and atmosphere of terrestrial planets are modulated by the planets’ bulk composition, which in turn is linked to the chemical properties of their host stars. As stellar photosphere and planetary atmosphere can be directly probed, compositional properties of the rocky interior can only be inferred from other data. What constraints can be placed on the range of possible compositions of terrestrial exoplanets? How do surface-interior interactions shape atmospheric properties of rocky worlds around other stars? How diverse is the physical and chemical parameter space of these exo-worlds? We invite contributions - from geodynamics, geochemistry, cosmochemistry as well as astrophysics - that explore physical and chemical links between stars and planets and between rocky interior and atmosphere, and their implications for planet long-term evolution.

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