January 1, 2021

SUBJECT: “MetSoc Membership: Renew now to retain your online subscription to MaPS”.

Dear Meteoritical Society members,

As you are likely aware, following the development of our new website, the Meteoritical Society has deployed a new system for membership renewals. In years past, the Meteoritical Society used a largely manual process to track membership renewals, but this process is now automated.

To date, only about 20% of our members have renewed their membership. For those who have not done it yet, it is time to do so, in order to regain access to your MaPS digital subscription and the other benefits associated with membership. A renewal by January 20 will also ensure that print copies of the journal will be sent to you without interruption. Please note that a lapse in membership will be easily remedied with no loss of personal information at renewal.

You will find below the instructions for renewal as specified by our Website Committee Chair Mendy Ouzillou. As you renew your membership, please also take time to consider nominating your colleagues for the various awards of our Society as the nomination deadlines are approaching fast (January 31st for the Pellas-Ryder Award; February 15th for the Leonard Medal, Nier Prize, Barringer Medal and Award and the Service Award). Nomination procedures are described in the “Rules governing operation and nominations” section of the webpage for each Committee.

I would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Brigitte Zanda
President of the Meteoritical Society


To renew your membership, lease follow the instructions below exactly:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: To increase security and functionality, the updated website requires the use of a web browser that has been updated no more than 1.5 years ago.
    1. Members have reported issues with using Safari as this browser is not auto-updated. The most common problem observed is that the total is left blank in the renewal form. The correct behavior is for the total to be automatically calculated. If the total is blank, you must use a different browser that has been recently updated (e.g., Firefox, Chrome), or if comfortable doing so updating your current browser. Members can also renew on their smartphone if need be or desired.

  2. You cannot login using your old credentials. All passwords have been reset. Use your email to reset your password: https://meteoritical.org/login/concrete/forgot_password

    1. Enter only your email address and click the blue “reset and email password” button below. Be sure to use your existing MetSoc email (email address used to contact you with this email). You will be sent an email with your new credentials. The email may be delayed for up to about 45 minutes.

      1. If after 45 minutes, you do not receive the updated password email or need to update your email address, please contact us as described at the end of instructions.

    2. The password can and should be changed to your preference after you successfully login and renew.

  3. After resetting your password, go to https://meteoritical.org/membership and login with your new credentials. If your membership has expired, you will be prompted to renew your membership.

    1. Select your membership type.

    2. Enter your credit card information and just to the right enter expiration date and the CVC.

      1. If the total is blank, you are using an unsupported browser (as described above) and must use a more recent browser to complete your transaction.

    3. Click submit.

    4. You will then receive an email receipt from Stripe and a renewal acknowledgment from noreply@meteoritical.org

  4. Finally, be sure to update your profile at: https://meteoritical.org/membership/profile with your contact and biographical information.

    1. Please enter a secondary email address.

      1. Doing so is not required, but very much appreciated. Many members change jobs or institutions and forget to update their contact information. Entering a second email address, usually a personal permanent email, will allow us to contact you and ensure you can continue to receive your membership benefits and important MetSoc updates.

    2. Select your membership visibility preferences and if applicable, update your biographical information.

    3. Click submit.

  5. You have now completed the renewal process. All information you entered is editable at any time in the future.

Should you find any bugs or have problems with any aspect of the new process, please contact the Website Committee Chair, Mendy Ouzillou, at mendy.ouzillou@gmail.com. Be sure to describe the problem in as much detail as possible so that we may recreate the issue. Include device and web browser info.

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