March 21, 2023 Nancy Chabot

The Meteoritical Society Endowment Fund supports a variety of activities, through grants that are made twice a year. We are very pleased to announce grants for the following applications that were made in January. These include support of early career scientists to attend academic conferences, outreach initiatives, curation of impact crater drill cores, and support for a meteor observation network:

  • Rocky Worlds Discussions, Online, 2023–2024: Support of the monthly virtual seminar series, Rocky Worlds Discussions, complementary to the series of conferences on Rocky Worlds.
  • 3rd Turkish Meteorite Workshop, Gazi University, June 2023: Travel support for speakers and early career participants.
  • Gordon Conference on Origins of Solar Systems, USA, June 2023: Registration waivers for early career participants.
  • Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama, USA: Production of an online educational guidebook.
  • Developments In Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (DINGUE) VIII meeting, Switzerland, July 2023: Travel for early career researchers, with priority given to researchers from economically disadvantaged countries.
  • Velingara Structure, Senegal: Building and strengthening the capacity for curation of Velingara drill cores.
  • UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON): Support for growth and operation of UKMON in 2023.

The Meteoritical Society is delighted to be able to support these worthwhile international projects that further the society’s goals to promote research and education in planetary science. The next application deadline for Endowment Fund requests is 15th June 2023. Guidelines for submitting your requests can be found on the Grants website. If you would like to discuss your idea for an application, please contact Rhian Jones, Chair of the Endowment Committee.

Submitted by: Rhian Jones, Chair of the Endowment Committee