February 24, 2024 Nancy Chabot

We are happy to announce the first recipients of 2024 for Meteoritical Society Research Grants. The Meteoritical Society Research Grant is available to students and early career researchers who are members of the Meteoritical Society. The Meteoritical Society Research Grant aims to promote collaborative research in the fields of meteoritics and planetary sciences. The grants provide funding to aid novel and interdisciplinary research ideas not yet funded elsewhere. We appreciate the many strong applications received for this opportunity, and we thank the Endowment Committee for their work creating this initiative and for leading the selection process.

  • Dr. Luke Alesbrook (University of Kent, UK), Technical Specialist
    • Impacting Exotic Ices – Building an ice target holder to enable the investigation of impacts into exotic ices relevant to outer solar system bodies in the two-stage light gas gun.
  • Mayssa Daldoul (University Tunis El Manar, Tunisia), Masters student
    • Mapping Martian Craters – Mapping and morphological analysis of large impact craters on Mars, identified as potential origins of Martian meteorites.
  • Yeimmy Alexandra Gutierrez Pardo (Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil), Masters student
    • Genesis of the Mafic Granophyre Impact Melt Rock, Vredefort Impact Structure, South Africa - New petrographic and isotopic approaches are pursued in an international collaborative project.
  • Sadeeda Marjan (University of Kerala, India), PhD student
    • Hydraulic Modelling and CRN Dating of Inlet and Outlet Valleys on Terrestrial and Martian Craters - Implications for hydrologic and paleoclimatic conditions.
  • Ran Zhao (University of Bayreuth, Germany), PhD student
    • Meteoroid Impacts - Establishing the records and sources of meteoroid impacts on the Moon and other planetary bodies during late accretion.

The next application deadline will be June 15, 2024. Details about scope, eligibility, funding and the application form can be found on the Endowment page of the website.