April 25, 2023 Nancy Chabot

The Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society approved 3094 meteorites in 2022. This is the highest number of new meteorites in a calendar year since the annual Meteoritical Bulletin began being phased with calendar years in 2016. The 3094 meteorites total 5.66 metric tons of material, half of which is from the Jikharra 001 eucrite-melt breccia (2.5 metric tons). Six other meteorites are over 50 kg, including Orotukan 555 kg ungrouped iron, Bir Ounane 001 80 kg primitive achondrite, and Wulong 70 kg pallasite.

These included 11 falls (Antonin, Botohilitano, Cranfield, Golden, Great Salt Lake, Longde, Msied, Ponggo, Qiquanhu, Tiglit, Traspena). By type, there are 2533 ordinary chondrites, 165 HED, 123 carbonaceous chondrites (including 4 ungrouped), 82 lunar meteorites, 28 Rumuruti chondrites, 27 iron meteorites, 23 ureilites, 22 mesosiderites, 22 martian meteorites, 21 primitive achondrites (one ungrouped), 17 ungrouped achondrites, 13 pallasites, 7 enstatite achondrites, 6 enstatite chondrites, and 5 angrites. By location, 1787 of the classified meteorites were from Antarctica, 1078 from Africa, 180 from South America, 34 from Asia, 6 from North America, 4 from Europe, and 1 from Oceania.

The Nomenclature Committee recently submitted more details of these 3094 meteorites as the Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 111, to appear in Meteoritics and Planetary Science later this year. Information about each approved meteorite can be obtained from the Meteoritical Bulletin Database available online at https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/. The work of the Nomenclature Committee members is very much appreciated and valued by the community to accomplish this impressive task, and we look forward to the scientific studies that will follow on these many new specimens.

Based on Meteoritical Bulletin 111, authored by: Jérôme Gattacceca, Francis M. McCubbin, Jeffrey N. Grossman, Devin L. Schrader, Nancy L. Chabot, Massimo D’Orazio, Cyrena Goodrich, Ansgar Greshake, Juliane Gross, Katherine Helen Joy, Mutsumi Komatsu, Bingkui Miao

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