July 9, 2023 Nancy Chabot

The Meteoritical Society is pleased to share that 61 members are receiving travel awards for the upcoming annual meeting, to be held at UCLA on August 13-18, 2023. Overall, the 2023 travel awards total slightly over $80,000. The travel awards are made possible by a variety of sponsors and generous donations from institutions, individuals, and Society members. We greatly appreciate the support to enable participation in the 2023 annual meeting!

  • Barringer Crater Company Travel Awards: C. L. Bays, M. R. Boyd, C. S. Harrison, A. K. Herbst, J. M. Johnson, P. Layak, A. Madera, N. Matsuda, L. E. Melendez, S. Ramsey, D. Sheikh, H. Thakur, S. Iannini Lelarge, A. Kurokawa, K. Ogiya
  • Brain Mason Awards: Y. Di, T. Shisseh
  • Macovich Collection Awards: G. M. Andreosatos, R. Saini
  • Elsevier Travel Awards: N. Bott, D. S. Grewal, I. Kerraouch, M. Zhang
  • Meteoritical Society Early Career Travel Awards: N. D. Garroni, S. Griffin, G. A. Pinto, P. M. Reger, A. C. Stadermann
  • Meteoritical Society TIM Fund Awards: H. Chennaoui Aoudjehane, A. A. Hussein
  • Maine Mineral and Gem Museum Award: N. S. Chinchalkar
  • NASA Student Travel Grant Awards: E. G. Alevy, J. A. Barranco, M. C. Benner, L. Flores-Andrada, M. L. Gray, K. Ishimaru, M. Iskakova, N. A. Kerrison, J. K. Kirk, N. G. Linbaugh, J. A. McFadden, I. J. Ong. A. S. Peter, B. S. Prince, A. M. Richards, M. Ronac Giannone, L. Shteynman, R. C. Sims, L. R. Smith, Z. E. Wilbur
  • O. Richard Norton Fund Travel Awards: T. Burke, L. M. Eckart, C. J. Floyd, R. L. Haller, S. Sridhar, S. Sugawara, Y. Tobimatsu
  • Planetary Studies Foundation Awards: S. P. Alpert, C. Fudge

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