April 10, 2024 Nancy Chabot

We are delighted to announce the individuals that have been elected to the 2024 class of Meteoritical Society Fellows! Fellow nominations are submitted by members, and the Leonard Medal Committee then reviews those nominations and makes a recommendation to Council for the slate of individuals to be awarded as Fellows. Meteoritical Society Fellows are elected by Council in even-numbered years, and no more than 1% of the membership can be elected for each class. The 2024 Meteoritical Society Fellows are:

  • Martin Bizzarro (University of Copenhagen) – For his major contributions in isotope cosmochemistry related to the chronology of the early Solar System and the study of nucleosynthetic isotope anomalies in planetary materials.
  • Vinciane Debaille (FNRS–Université libre de Bruxelles) – For her significant contributions to isotopic studies of Martian and achondrite meteorites and early planetary differentiation processes on Mars, Moon, Earth, and Vesta.
  • Luigi Folco (University of Pisa) – For his significant contributions to the recovery and study of meteorites, micrometeorites, microtektites and debris products associated with small-scale impactors.
  • Daniel Glavin (NASA GSFC) – For his major contributions to the identification and structural studies of amino acids in meteorites and samples returned from asteroids.
  • Philipp Heck (Field Museum) – For his significant contributions to the study of presolar grains and fossil meteorites, development of atom probe tomography techniques for cosmochemistry, and his service to the community through his curation work at the Field Museum.
  • Peter Jenniskens (SETI Institute) – For his leading role in the study of asteroid and meteor connections and successful recovery of the Almahata Sitta, Sutter’s Mill, and other meteorites from tracked fireball events.
  • Katherine Joy (University of Manchester) – For her significant contributions to studies of the Moon through laboratory analysis of returned lunar samples and lunar meteorites.
  • Chi Ma (Caltech) – For his leading role in developing nanomineralogy using the EBSD technique and discovery of many new minerals in meteorites.
  • Yves Marrocchi (CRPG-CNRS) – For his major contributions to the study of chondrules, chondritic organic matter, and distribution of volatiles in the protoplanetary disk.
  • Ryuji Okazaki (Kyushu University) – For his major contributions to studies of noble gases in meteorites, micrometeorites, and returned asteroid samples.
  • Hikaru Yabuta (Hiroshima University) – For her significant contributions to the study of organic matter in returned asteroid and comet samples, meteorites, and micrometeorites.

The 2024 class of Meteoritical Society Fellows will be recognized and awarded certificates during the award ceremony at the annual Meteoritical Society, which will be held in person in Brussels, Belgium, from 28 July – 2 August, 2024. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate deserving colleagues for Fellows, and thank you to the Leonard Medal Committee for their work leading the selection process.

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