April 3, 2023 Nancy Chabot

Dear Meteoritical Society Members,

We wanted to share some announcements about recent activities of the society and the creation of a new initiative, the Meteoritical Society Research Grant:

Endowment Fund – Winter 2023 Grants Announced

The Meteoritical Society is delighted to be able to support with Endowment Fund Grants these seven new international projects that further the society’s goals to promote research and education in planetary science: Rocky Worlds Discussions, Online, 2023–2024; 3rd Turkish Meteorite Workshop, Gazi University, June 2023; Gordon Conference on Origins of Solar Systems, USA, June 2023; Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama, USA; Developments In Noble Gas Understanding and Expertise (DINGUE) VIII meeting, Switzerland, July 2023; Velingara Structure, Senegal; UK Meteor Observation Network (UKMON). More details are in this News Story. Additionally, you can read about other recently funded Endowment Fund Grant projects here:

NEW – Endowment Fund Research Grants

We are happy to announce the inception of a new research grant program, "The Meteoritical Society Research Grant", which was proposed by the Endowment Committee and has recently been approved by Council. Grants will be funded by the General Endowment Fund.

"The Meteoritical Society Research Grant" is exclusively directed to students and early career researchers who are members of the Meteoritical Society. The Meteoritical Society Research Grant aims to promote collaborative research in the fields of Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences. It will provide funding to aid novel and interdisciplinary research ideas not yet funded elsewhere.

Details about scope, eligibility, funding and the application form can be found on the Endowment page of the website. The first application deadline will be June 15, 2023. Please consider applying for support!

2023 Meteoritical Society Meeting

The 2023 meeting website is live. Join us in Los Angeles, California, August 13-18, for the 86th Meteoritical Society meeting! Abstracts due May 31.

Host the Annual Meeting in 2027!

We are grateful to have an active membership that volunteers to host and organize our annual meetings, such as the upcoming meetings in Los Angeles, Brussels, Perth, and Frankfurt. The call is open to express interest in hosting the annual meeting in 2027! Traditionally, the annual meeting has varied its location across continents, and we especially encourage interest from hosts that can continue that routine, though all indications of interest are welcome and appreciated. To express interest, email the Meteoritical Society Secretary (metsocsec@gmail.com) by May 15, 2023.

March 2023 Council Meeting

We just completed our second Council meeting of 2023, where we heard from the Outreach Committee, the Endowment Committee, the 2023 UCLA meeting, and the OneGeochemistry initiative. The posted minutes have details of the two-hour virtual meeting.

Thank you for being a part of the Meteoritical Society, and please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Nancy Chabot, Meteoritical Society President, metsocpres@gmail.com

Jutta Zipfel, Meteoritical Society Secretary, metsocsec@gmail.com

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